Your Ultimate Scary Experience at Dracula's Haunted House

Draculas Haunted House

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A lot of people are fond of hearing, reading, and watching anything horror. That’s why every year, heaps of movies in this genre are being shown on the big screen. Then countless Japanese and Thai horror films have been remade in Hollywood to bring the same spooky feeling they brought to their native lands.  

But should you limit your horror experience to your sight and auditory senses only? How about getting closer to the real thing? If you’re up for a more exciting encounter to the scary stuff, then visit Dracula’s Haunted House on your holiday to Surfers Paradise.

Situated in Surfers Paradise Boulevard, this five storey establishment will make all your hair raise, your adrenalin rushing, and feel like running for your life. If you want to know how courageous you are, then this is the perfect place to test yourself.

Undergo some of the scariest experiences you’ll ever have. The first level called the Underworld is where you’ll be chased by zombies and a surf lifesaver with a shark bite. Run for your life along with entering a mirror maze which add up to the craziness in this level.

Ascend to the second level, be shocked, and wish you didn’t enter at all. With the name Phobia Level, you’ll be faced with various phobias here such as the giant spider nest, Surfers Paradise morgue, and pitch black tunnels.

Then on the third level, the Carnival of Freaks, it would seem like you’re part of a horror film because you’ll be in a journey through the circus of the underworld and you will feel how it is to be digested alive inside a human’s body.

Finally, on the last level is the Dead Zone. See an Aztec rise up from the tomb to get you and be on the constant look out that as a big white shark try to eat you.

Scream, run, and enjoy the spooky experience brought by Dracula’s Haunted House. Grab your ticket from its official website now for $25 for adults and $19 for kids ages 10 to 17.

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