Stay at Our Chevron Resort for the Premiere of Meera at HOTA


Posted in Location & Attractions @ Sep 29th 2018 8:24am - By iLaunch Support

Don’t miss the world premiere and debut performance of Meera at HOTA this November. A touching story of faith and love backed by a world-class production of dashing costumes, intricate set design, multi-style choreography, and original music, Meera is a treat for the senses that is guaranteed to move people of all ages and backgrounds this spring. Make sure to witness its first-ever showing taking place near our Surfers Paradise accommodation apartments.

Produced by Wild Dreamer Productions and written by Ms Bajaj, Meera is a brand new production featuring both musical and theatrical elements set in 16th-century Northern India. Aiming to push the boundaries of Bollywood with flair and finesse, Meera follows the story of a Royal Princess named Meera who, from her faith, discovers the greatest love of all. It’s captivating, magical, and audacious, and a production that will pull on your heartstrings before sending you away smiling and talking about it days after witnessing it.

Boasting a cast and crew of more than 300 talented individuals, Meera is a groundbreaking theatre and musical production aiming to be a new milestone for the Indian performing arts this 2018. Enjoy its world premiere and debut performance at HOTA on the Gold Coast this November 4.

For the chance to see Meera make sure to stay near HOTA with our Chevron apartments in Surfers Paradise. Situated in Chevron Island and just moments away from the famous beachfront and attractions of Surfers Paradise, Chevron Palms Holiday Apartments offers an unbeatable location on the Gold Coast for couples and families to experience all of its world-class entertainment and must-see attractions.

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