One Bedroom Apartment for the Solitary Traveller in you

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They say no man is an island. But as true as this old adage may get, there are moments when we feel like achieving and doing some things on our own.

Take travelling for instance. Exploring unknown places is mostly more pleasurable if shared with the people closest to us. It doesn’t matter if our companions are only one, two, three, or more, for as long as we have company, everything is already taken care of because you have each other.

But this is not always the case. At times, solitary travelling brings more enjoyment especially if we are in need of a Me time. When we are travelling alone, we get to boost our confidence because we have to do everything on our own, we get greater chance of meeting new people, and if we’re lucky enough, we get to find the answers to the lingering questions in our minds.

Whatever your reasons may be, travelling alone won’t negate the fact that you have to choose an apartment that can accommodate you all throughout your temporary stay in your unexplored place.

So if you’re going to the Gold Coast soon, you may want to check in to Chevron Palms Holiday Apartments.

Situated in the bustling suburb of Surfers Paradise, you’ll be just a few minutes away from some of the greatest tourist attractions in the region if you stay with us. Plus, what you’ll like most about our Chevron resort is all our units are One Bedroom Apartments ideal for those travelling alone like you.

Enter your assigned unit and you’ll feel grateful with your fully self contained temporary abode. It is comfortably spacious and with all your needed facilities like full set of equipment in the kitchen, laundry area, and bathroom, open plan design lounge and dining areas with television and Wifi access, balcony with a lovely view, and a bedroom with a queen sized bed where you can roll endlessly and sleep in whatever position you want.

You may also enjoy the rest of our resort with our heated swimming pool, barbecue and entertainment area, and Tour Desk.  

Visit to book our Chevron accommodation.


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